191012/4/1947William C. Cartinhour
191012/4/1947Charles D. Little
19102/28/1948Edgar M. Williams
191012/4/1947Rep. Brazilla Carroll Reece, LLS
191312/4/1947Joseph V. McLaughlin
19145/17/1947Harry C. Carbaugh
191512/4/1947Paul H. Quick
19153/7/1952  Deforest Spencer
19165/17/1947Edwin C. Woodworth
191611/7/1948Raymond Orr, LLS
191612/4/1947Edney Pickett
19175/17/1947James B. Cole
19175/17/1947Earl P. Carter
19185/17/1947Warren S. Gardner, LLS
19195/17/1959Thomas F. Flowers, Sr.
19192/28/1948Leonard H. Sims
192012/4/1947States R. Finley
19205/17/1947George F. Williams
19243/7/1952 Leroy A. Martin
19245/17/1947George W. Farrell
19255/17/1947William S. Keese, Jr.
19255/17/1947Edwin O. Martin
19253/7/1952 James H. Meredith
19265/17/1947Edgar S. Beck, LLS
192612/4/1947Lee Ricks
19273/7/1952 Warren B. Martin
19273/7/1952 Sylvester N. Smith
19272/28/1948       Zeboim L. Patten
19283/7/1952 Harold H. Redwine
19285/17/1947Sebert Brewer
19295/17/1947Dr. Tim J. Manson, LLS
19315/17/1947Ervin J. Gross
19315/17/1947James R. Fancher, LLS
19313/7/1952 George L. McInturff
19316/6/1952 Dan B. Hamill, Jr.
19313/7/1952 Andrew J. Corley, Jr.
19325/17/1947       John R. Humphries
19335/17/1947       W. E. Manning, Jr.
19335/17/1947John R. Barnes, Jr.
193412/4/1947George K. Henshall
19342/19/1954William B. Venable
19345/17/1947Ulrey K. Wilson
19365/17/1947Charles N. Battle, LLS
19363/7/1952 James H. Johnston
19395/17/1947William S. Hagan
19413/7/1952 John B. Lewis, Jr.
19415/17/1947Archie M. Day, Jr., LLS
19425/17/1947David W. Evans, Jr.
19435/17/1947Lawrence D. Sies, Jr.LLS
19495/16/1947Robert Y. Wert, Jr.
19495/17/1947George L. Fulghum, Jr.
19495/16/1947Louis P. Brooks, Jr.
19495/16/1947John P. Morrison
19495/16/1947Paul W. Shepherd, Jr.
19495/16/1947Eugene H. Schimpf, Jr
19495/17/1947Charlie A. Tucker, Jr.
1949       5/17/1947        Richard Dorton Brady
19496/18/1948Donald Lynn Puckett, LLS 
19505/16/1947Dr. Harold G. Sibold
19505/16/1947Claude D. Belcher, Jr.
19505/16/1947Howard S. Shaffer
19502/28/1948Fred F. Munson
19502/28/1948Edward N. Miller
19502/19/1949William O. Robeson
19506/12/1949Fr. Charles E. Rice
19506/18/1948James W. Lunsford
19509/30/1950Robert H. McCafferty
19516/12/1949James D. Gross, MD
19512/19/1949Albert P. Sander, Jr.
195110/29/1949      William L. Truex
19526/18/1948Roy B. Bacon
19522/24/1950       Harold L. Gilreath
19526/18/1948       Thomas J. Isbelle, Jr.
19526/18/1948Thomas A. Lotspeich
19522/19/1949Guion H. Kropp, LLS
19526/12/1949Dr. Billy L. VonSchaaf
19532/17/1951Edward T. Strawn
19539/30/1950Paul L. Johnson
195311/10/1951      Eugene P. Eisenbarth
195311/18/1950      Harold F. Niebanck
19532/24/1950Charles E. Normand
19532/24/1950Arch R. Faidley
195511/20/1953      Jack Kelley, LLS
19556/9/1953  Raymond L. Kelso
19572/19/1954Paul D. Carson
19572/19/1954Leonard H. Cheal
19572/25/1956Billy R. McGovern
19592/25/1956Earl D. Burden
19594/11/1958William M. Kellett
19592/25/1956Dr. Richard A. McKeehan
19592/25/1956Col. David A. Dunn
19603/15/1957Gordon Darnell
19613/4/1961  Alvin Askew
19613/14/1959Jimmy E. Dillingham
19613/12/1960William T. McPhail
19623/12/1960Andrew W. Greene
19623/4/1961  Phillip H. Brown
19623/14/1959Joe H. Hiatt
19635/12/1960Olin L. Brotherton
19646/11/1961Paul B. Fite, III
19643/04/1961Phillip E. Patterson
19663/6/1965 Tommy R. McGuire
19672/28/1964Thomas G. Cranwell, Jr.
19672/28/1964David M. Brammer, LLS
196803/04/1967      A. Sidney Broward III, LLS
19699/10/1966James R. Julian
19699/13/1965John D. Neal
19693/12/1966James G. King, II
19693/12/1966Jack  L. Yancy 
19719/07/1968       Warren A. Ostergard, Jr. 
19713/08/1969Bryan P. "Beezy" Shaw 
19733/06/1971Eugene Wyatt McMahan
19723/06/1971Ted A. Futrelle
19723/09/1969Mark S. Sorrell
19723/6/1971  Dr. Kenneth Adams, LLS
19741/15/1972Robert W. Hudson
1974        1/15/1972         Robert (Bobby) McGee
1975        3/19/1971         Micheal R. Baskette, LLS
19761/15/1972William G. Riggs, LLS
19811/15/1977Michael C. Gardenhire
19831/17/1981Stephen E. Nevels
19881/11/1986Stuart C. Bailey, LLS
19905/7/1988 Jose A. Vazquez
19934/17/1992       Christopher Clancy Varley
19971/7/1995 Jamie R. WilliamsLLS
Class Of 1910 - Class Of 1949
Class Of 1950 - Class Of 1997

"As gold in the furnace hath He tried them, and received them to Himself. The righteous live forevermore; their reward is with the Lord; and the care of them is with the Most High. Therefore shall they receive from the Lord’s hand a glorious kingdom and a victor’s crown of righteousness.

     We meet because of his passing from our circle to the Chapter Eternal; and yet in our hearts is the confidence that his living spirit hovers near. To his dear ones and friends present, we would bring our expression of sympathy; and to his memory we would offer our homage for his qualities of heart and mind. 

As a friend, as a brother among us, and as a man of affairs, we have known him as loyal and devoted to the high ideals of The White Cross which we wear. His friendship was enduring; his generosities were large; and his life was an inspiration. 

He loved his Fraternity; but he knew that its helpfulness and sympathies were meant to be broader than the bounds of the organization. His loyalty was grounded in the faith that fraternalism stands finally for better citizenship, for a more noble civilization, and for the higher ideals of life in its service to man and reverence to God.

     In this sacred place and reverent moment the thought is dominant that life and its true friendships are indestructible. Because of the spirit in man, death cannot have the victory. That which we call death is but the gateway to the life immortal; for the life of the spirit does not die."

-- excerpted from the Sigma Chi Memorial Service