An American Patriot

I am an American Patriot.
I believe in the United States of America.
There are few things as sacred to me as
Duty, Honor, Country, Flag.
My heroes are the
men and women in uniform
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard
Active Reserve, Past, Present, Future.
When I was growing up,
patriotism was respected.
Serving your country was respected.
Our flag was respected.
Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen;
all respected.
Veterans were respected.
Thank God that, for some of us,
This will never change.
I was a soldier. I am a veteran.
I will always be...

An American Patriot.
The American Creed

I believe in the United States of America
As a government of the people,
by the people, for the people
Whose just powers are derived from
the consent of the governed
A democracy in a republic;
A sovereign Nation of
many sovereign States;
A perfect Union, one and inseparable;
Established upon the principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity
For which American patriots sacrificed
their lives and fortunes.

I therefore believe
it is my duty to my country
To love it
To support its Constitution
To obey its laws;
To protect its flag and
defend it against all enemies.
William Tyler Page